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Unbxd's Search & Navigation is relevant, context aware and personalised. Designed to reduce bounce rates, increase conversions and get your customers to love you!

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Relevant & Personalized Search

Unbxd's Search is highly relevant and personalized as per a user's preferences. Your customers will instantly find what they're looking for and a high search exit rate will be a thing of the past!

Benefit - Increase Conversions by up to 30%


Dynamic Navigation

Offer your customers a completely seamless shopping experience and use the data gleaned from their search + navigation experience to improve relevancy and personalisation.

Benefit - Reduce Bounce Rates by 20% - 30%


Actionable Insights

Unbxd's actionable insights offer a deep look into your search and navigation conversion funnels. Drill down per query to see what users search for and ultimately buy.

Benefit - Gather Deep Insights on User Behaviour and Conversion Funnels


Complete Merchandizing Control

Unbxd offers an easy-to-use dashboard for merchandizing search and navigation results. With this, you can easily create rules to promote brands and products across different segments of users. 

Benefit - Create Merchandizing Rules through a Web Dashboard

Unbxd is a powerful product discovery platform that includes relevant search, navigation, merchnadizing and analytics.

Unbxd helps ecommerce companies around the world, improve their on-site shopping experience and increase conversions.

About Us

“The search experience that Unbxd provides is unparalleled. Highly relevant results for all kinds of queries has increased our product views and conversions. Kudos!”

Gurukeerthi Gurunathan
VP - Technology, Caratlane
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